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How to make "火鍋" - Medicinal hot Pot


  A. Ingredients English  AmazonPrime # of times   李錦記(Lee Kum Kee) 潮州辣椒油 /瓶【業務用 Lee ...

Bar Deep in cool Japan Yokohama

Charbroiled bar, GREEN, Motomachi, Yokohama


Very nice place for charbroiled food.I've tried something on the menu and have not been disappointed ...

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Cooking Recipe


酒のつまみに最適な枝豆の作り方を紹介。家で楽しもう。 材料 枝豆:250g 水:1L 塩:15g(水に対し4%)大体、大さじ2強 だしの素:天然素材のパック 茹で方 水に塩を半分(5g)と出汁パックを ...

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Common Use Cooking Recipe

A gem of Japanese stock "DASHI" --“broth / stock made from kelp and dried bonito shavings”


かつお節の削り方 本枯節(最終的にカビをつけてその繰り返しで完成したのもの)の場合。使い初めのかつお節は、軽く水洗いしてからキッチンペーパーや乾いたふきんでカビを軽く拭き取ります。   PO ...

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Deep in cool Japan Gourmet Tokyo International airport

"MARUGAME SEIMENJYO" Just nice lunch or you!


"MARUGAME SEIMENJYO"Japanese noodle "Udon",  noodle restaurant.Location: Tokyo internation ...

Bar Deep in cool Japan Yokohama

Most recommend Bar in Yokohama, Japan


Sitting on the dock of the bay!Classic style bar situated within Hotel Navios Yokohama.  The&nb ...

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Deep in cool Japan Gourmet Western style cuisine

"HAPPY", fine western style cuisine , but Japanese cuisine.


HAPPY: Japanese Yoshoku, western style cuisine City: Tokyo Area: Zoshigaya, either from Mejiro Item: ...

Bar Deep in cool Japan Japanese restaurant Kanazawa Ryotei

Japanese cuisine restaurant "JYUGATSU-YA" in Kanazawa


Jyugatsuya is one of traditional Japanese cuisine restaurant in Kanazawa, Ishikawa pref. It is charm ...

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