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Deep in cool Japan Japanese culture

Japanese famous Religious Organization. Suwa Taisha Kamisya Maemiya


Suwa Taisha Kamisya Maemiya Japanese famous Religious Organization. (Japanese "Kamakura period" ...

Animation comic Deep in cool Japan Japanese culture Tokyo

Super real rubber mask! factory is open to the public on Omiya, Saitama 35 minutes distance from Tokyo station.


OGAWA Rubber Mask FactoryIt is just true to life.The factory is open to the public. Most easy a ...

Deep in cool Japan KYOTO Special Ivent

"SENNICHI MAIRI" (Thousand-time Shrine Visit) at Atago Shrine (July 31) to August 1, All night!!, Mt. hiking, guided by many lantern


"SENNICHI MAIRI" (Thousand-time Shrine Visit) at Atago Shrine On the night of the July 31s ...

Deep in cool Japan Festival Temple Tokyo

Zoushigaya Kishimojin, Natsu-Ichi


Zoushigaya Kishimojin, Natsu-Ichi, held from July 6 to 8 every year, is fantastic  festival in ...

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