Deep in cool Japan Gourmet Western style cuisine

"HAPPY", fine western style cuisine , but Japanese cuisine.


HAPPY: Japanese Yoshoku, western style cuisine

City: Tokyo
Area: Zoshigaya, either from Mejiro
Item: Restaurant

Nearby visit recommendation location. 

Homyo Temple and Kishimojin, Power spot!

Most recommend: Hamburgsteak (demi-glace sauce or tomato sauce), Spaghetti Napoletana, Chikin dumplings("Tebasaki-gyouza").

Always you can hear Japanese famous pop musician "Southern All Stars" songs in this restaurant.

1-7-18 Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Phone#: 03-5954-5997
The closest station: TOKYO Metoro, "Fukutoshin line", "Zoushigaya" station, about 10 meter(32ft.).

Or Japan Railway, Yamanote line, "Mejiro" station, It's within the base fare from the "Mejiro station" by taxi. (730yen・・・$6.00)
"about this side of before intersection of the "Chitose-bashi""
....Say! "Chitose Bashi temae made Onegaishimasu"

This is a typical side-street restaurant in Tokyo or any place. Since it was set up 5 years ago, it has specialized in "Yoshoku" cuisine.

"Yoshoku" literally means 'Western food', but you won't find food quite like this in the West. It's certainly not traditional Japanese cuisine, either!
"Yoshoku" is a hybrid that's unique to Japan. 
Most "Yoshoku" dishes include beef or pork. However, the widespread consumption of meat is a relatively new feature of the Japanese diet.
As a result of Buddhist influence, for a long period there was no custom of eating meat.
One of the first recipes to soften the general resistance to meat-eating was beef cooked in a savoury hotpot.
It was seasoned with miso, which has been a key part of Japanese cuisine for centuries. Blending this well-loved ingredient with the unfamiliar taste and texture of beef helped people to become accustomed to the idea of eating meat.

Special recommend: 'spaghetti Napoletana'・・・950yen (approx.$7.50)
This ketchup-flavored version is known in Japan as 'spaghetti Napoletana'. Although the name is derived from the Italian city of Naples, you'll never find a dish called that in Italy!
 Spaghetti "Naporitan" 950yen (approx.$7.50)
Ingredient: Fresh pasta, Bacon, Wiener sausage, Onion, Mushroom, Sweet  green pepper, little bit garlic

Lunch time:
Monday to friday: 11:30~14:15
Saturday: 11:30~13:45

Dinner time:
Monday to Saturday: 18:00~21:30

Closed every Sunday and Japanese holiday.

Deep-fried octopus; 600yen (approx.$5.00)

Sauteed cerdo iberico; 670yen  (approx.$5.50)

Omu-rice with curry sauce; 1150yen (approx.$9.50)
is made with eggs beaten in a frying pan, 

and rice seasoned with ketchup, butter and other ingredients wrapped inside the egg. 

Tebasaki-Gyoza(dumpling) ; one piece / 210yen (approx.$1.75)
chicken wings filled with gyoza (dumpling) paste stuffing.
This pair well with any beer or whisky and so on.


Written by S. Shinato

-Deep in cool Japan, Gourmet, Western style cuisine

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