Island Single Malt Whisky Story of SPIRITS

Is TALISKER purveyor of "Secret Intelligence Service -- MI6"?



In the movies The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day, Bond is drinking whisky at several occasions.
In both films, Talisker was providing the whisky.
"M" enjoys a glass of Talisker Whisky in both films as well.

James Bond

Bottle of Talisker can be seen in "M"'s room in Die Another Day (at about 49m42s into the movie).
Bond seems to be drinking whisky in Cuba and in the beginning of the virtual reality scene in Die Another Day, but a direct reference to Talisker can not be seen.
Another bottle can be seen in"M"'s office in The World is not Enough (at about 6m02s).
"M" pours Bond a glass, and Bond puts ice in his drink, something that is not recommended by the distiller of Talisker Whisky,
-- Mark Lochhead say, "Ice dulls the taste of whisky as the reduction in temperature "closes" the delicate aromas.
If you like your malt with ice I'd recommend trying it at least once without to see the difference.
Who knows you might be converted?".

But the whisky serves Bond to find out an attack on Sir Robert King is about to happen.

Bythe way, build Talisker Distillery at Carbost on the shore of Loch Harport, despite opposition from the local clergy.
The original distillery on the Isle of Skye, set on the shores of Loch Harport with dramatic views of the Cuillins.

Talisker Landscape

Brothers Hugh and Kenneth MacAskill build Talisker Distillery at Carbost on the shore of Loch Harport, despite opposition from the local clergy on 1830.
The distillery was rebuilt 1880?87 and extended in 1900.
When a new lease for the distillery was negotiated with the chief of Clan MacLeod in 1892 the annual payment was to be £23.12s and a ten-gallon cask of best-quality Talisker.

Talisker Landscape2

Talisker was the favourite whisky of writers Robert Louis Stevenson and HV Morton.
In his poem "The Scotsman's Return From Abroad", Stevenson mentioned "The king o' drinks, as I conceive it, Talisker, Islay, or Glenlivet".


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