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Japan Hands free travel!!


The number of overseas travelers to Japan is steadily increasing. Usually travelers are bringing at least a week's worth of luggage which means lots to carry and move around. Naturally people think coin lockers are an easy solution to store luggage, but coin lockers (especially those able to hold large items) is commonly said to be insufficient.
Therefore, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is introducing a new service to temporarily store and transport luggage in English through courier services. The idea was developed under the logo "Hands-Free Travel". The goal of the service is to create "A Japan where overseas tourists can travel hands free". In the illustration cherry blossoms, the symbol of Japan, are drawn to promote the image of storage and delivery.
This service will start June 2015 through commercial facilities and inside airports. Carrier services which offer this service in English will display a sign of the logo mark. By alleviating the need to carry or store heavy baggage, it is hoped that travelers in Japan will enjoy their trip more and that the number of visitors will increase. (Ref.

-Deep in cool Japan, Tokyo International airport

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