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Japanese cuisine restaurant "JYUGATSU-YA" in Kanazawa


Jyugatsuya is one of traditional Japanese cuisine restaurant in Kanazawa, Ishikawa pref. It is charming in its own way.

Also Kanazawa was called "Little Kyoto".

Little Kyoto is a nickname given to towns and cities around Japan that resemble Kyoto City in their old streets and atmosphere.

There is a tasteful street as Higashi-no-Cyaya Teahouses (places where geisha entertain their guests) stand side by side on the street coupled like as Gion street in Kyoto, with the running of Asano-kawa River.

Bar, but eat any food.

They were similar to today's fancy Japanese style restaurants and were high class eating establishments.
Ryotei refers to a high class restaurant serving mainly Japanese cuisine.
Served in restaurants and provided in a course style as Kaiseki (懐石)-dishes.
So you can easy to order, only.

Private room

Spring, summer, autumn, winter . . . nature delivers her finest blessings through the changing face of the four seasons. All of Jyugatsuya cuisine uses natural ingredients. At Jyugatsuya they treat each of their dishes as an expression of life itself, never forgetting how much they owe nature.


They offer 2 kinds of pre fixe lunch course menu,

¥2830 same. (about $25.00)

Samurai-choice lunch

And 3 kinds of pre fix dinner course menu, 3618 (about $30.00), 6480 (about$55.00) or 8640 (about $72.00).

Each of dinner serve with the appetizer and sashimi.

1-26-16, Higashi-yama, Kanazawa city, Ishikawa pref. Japan
phone #: +81-76-253-3321

from Tokyo International Air terminal HANEDA, about 1hour by Domestic airplane ANA or JAL.
And then, get limousin bus to Kanazawa Japan rail way train station.

Use Cab(Taxi), say "Higashi-no-kuruwa, Jyugatsu-ya made onegaishimasu!". about10min. $10.00

Or from Japan railway train "Tokyo" station to "Kanazawa" station, by "Hokuriku shinkansen", about 2hour half.

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