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"MARUGAME SEIMENJYO" Just nice lunch or you!



Japanese noodle "Udon",  noodle restaurant.

Location: Tokyo international airport "Haneda" terminal 2, basement 1st floor.



Additional topping items, Tempura. Take your pick!
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Please take the tableware away yourself. 

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Chives, Ginger
Free topping items: 
Agedama(bits of fried batter left after cooking tempura) or chives.

e.g.; "Kake-Udon"('udon' noodles in soup), topped with an "Onsen Tamago" (Hot spring egg) and side dish "Kakiage tempura"(a mixture of vegetable bits fried in batter). 
Price: 580yen.(about $5.00) !! Very reasonable price!!

The boiled noodles are served in an Udon-bowl filled with 'soup broth' (such soup broth is especially called 'Udontsuyu' in Japanese, and this type of dish is called Kake-Udon).

One can enjoy not only a great choice of toppings, but also various cooking styles, such as Kamaage-Udon style (plain hot Udon noodles served with dipping sauce), Kijoyu-Udon style (Udon noodles with pure soy sauce), Kamatama-Udon style (boiled hot Udon noodles with raw egg and soy sauce), in addition to orthodox Kake-Udon and Zaru-Udon styles.

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Written by S. Shinato

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