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How to make "火鍋" - Medicinal hot Pot




Ingredients English  AmazonPrime # of times  
李錦記(Lee Kum Kee) 潮州辣椒油 /瓶【業務用 Lee Kum Kee "Chiu Chow Chilli Oil 1710 3  
S&B 菜館 香ばし葱油 98g S&B Scallion oil 389 5  
YUKI 四川麻辣醤 450g Yuki Mala sauce 879    
郫県豆瓣醤 ピー県四川豆板醤★1kg Chinese Chili Bean Sauce 2830 many times over 20  
GABAN 四川赤山椒 花椒 100g Pepper Sichuan whole pepperkorn Szechuan 1251 5  
GABAN 五香粉 ウーシャンスパイス  65gr Wŭxiāngfĕn - Cinnammon, Clove, Sichuan pepper, Fennel, Star anise, Chenpi 1150 20  


Dried jujube
 8 pcs. Reconstitute in hot water  
クコの実 Dried Goji Berries 10 or 14 pcs. Reconstitute in hot water  
にんにく Garlic 1 pcs. Sliced  
四川唐辛子 Sichuan pepper 5 pcs.    
中国唐辛子 Chinese hot Pepper 10 or more pcs.    
日本一味 Japanese "ICHIMI"      
スープストック chicken soup 2000ml    
Salt (rock salt)      
出汁 Dashi: katsuo soup, Konbu soup       
ごま油 Sesami seed oil 50ml    
  1. Sautee Garlic and thoroughly and then add [A], then continue heat thoroughly,
  2. Smells good and aromatic spicy, add chicken soup.
  3. The ingredients are put in a substantial amount of dashi broth and seasoned with soy sauce, salt, mirin(sweet cooking rice wine), and sake(Chinese or Japanese).
  4. Add all of other spices.


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