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Zoushigaya Kishimojin, Natsu-Ichi


Zoushigaya Kishimojin, Natsu-Ichi, held from July 6 to 8 every year, is fantastic  festival in Japan dedicated to summer morning glories and so on. 

"Kishimojin" is the goddess of childbirth and childcare. Along with Shingenji Temple in Iriya, Taito City, Tokyo Metropolis, and Hokekyoji Temple in Nakayama, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, Zoshigaya Kishimojindo is recognized as one of three major Kishimojins of Edo, while there are various views.

Visitors to the three-day seasonal event are sure to experience the summer of Edo through the morning glories that have delighted natives of every generation, from Edokko to Tokyoites.

If you visit Zoshigaya Kishimojindo, you can see the traditional wooden Japanese-style Kishimojindo Hall.

This is one of the halls in Homyoji Temple. As it is within the detached grounds, the Main Hall, Ankokudo Hall and Bell Tower are located in a different place.

Along with "Kishimojin" in Hokekyoji Temple, and Shingenji Temple that is famous as "Iriya Kishimojin," that in this temple is one of three major "Edo Kishimojin," while there are various views.

Historically, Homyoji Temple was originally the Buddhist temple of Shingon Sect, and it changed its sect into Nichiren Sect in 1312. The statue of Kishimojin was found in 1561. The current Kishimojindo Hall was built in 1664 during Edo Period (1603-1867).

There are the Stone Statue of Kishimojin, Takeyoshi-Inarido Hall, Norifudodo Hall and so on in its temple grounds.

There is also a large ginkgo tree. It is more than 700 years old. Also, there are Japanese zelkova trees along the approach.

It was established in 810. It is a small hall of the Buddhist temple of Nichiren Sect at residential area in Zoshigaya, Toshima City, Tokyo. Its nearest station is Kishibojim-Mae station.

Event Information

"Summer Fair"
 from July 6, 2016 (Wednesday) to July 8, 2016 (Friday)

"Kishimojin Bon Dance Festival"
 from July 22, 2016 (Friday) to July 8, 2016 (Saturday)

"Oeshiki Grand Festival"
from October 16, 2016 (Sunday) to October 18, 2016 (Tuesday)

Name in Roman Letters
Zoshigaya Kishimojindou

Name in Japanese

3-15-20, Zoshigaya, Toshima City, Tokyo, 171-0032, Japan

Telephone Number


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